We understand the challenges of sustaining investor interest in a world of diminished sell-side research budgets and the business media’s focus on mega-cap companies.

Our team members have worked across financial services, energy, technology, health sciences and consumer sectors to help management strengthen their communications with investors and analysts.  We bring our backgrounds as bankers, analysts and fund management specialists to bear on every Investor Relations assignment.

We believe the single most important factor in a company’s valuation is the market’s confidence in management’s ability to execute.  Our goal is to maximize valuation by helping management effectively communicate the success and potential of its strategy. 

We strive to win a “confidence premium” for our clients – the boost in valuation that comes when they’re regarded as the most reliable, effective management in their peer group.

One of the best ways for management to strengthen its investor communications is the perception audit — an independent reading of how analysts and the buy-side perceive the companies and its prospects.

Given the opportunity to speak through an independent third party, analysts and investors typically deliver remarkably candid, detailed views on how they perceive management and the company’s prospects.  Understanding how others see you – warts and all – is a necessary first step in finding out what works and doesn’t work in your IR program.

Beyond perception audits, our Investor Relations capabilities include:

  • Producing presentations, scripts and news releases for quarterly financial results announcement
  • Preparing management for conference calls and Q&A sessions
  • Managing media coverage of financial performance
  • Investor targeting
  • Arranging buy-side visits
  • Organizing Investor Days or Analyst Days and other investor relations events
  • Monitoring, analyzing and benchmarking peers’ financial reporting and disclosure, governance and communications

Engaging financial media to boost coverage of positive results and significant corporate developments — mergers and acquisitions, new business lines, product or service launches, key executive hires and important business milestones.

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